Enchanting Party Themes

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Have a request for someone you don’t see here? Let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Wait till you see the look on your little guests’ faces when a real princess arrives at the party! Most requested theme- our Princess parties are truly enchanting. Our princesses tell stories of how to be a true princess and show kindness toward others.

Wait you see what happens at the party when our Ice Queen and the Snow Princess are invited? We just snow you’ll fall in love with them, too!

The Fairy Princess arrives in all her splendor. She’s quite a character and as with most fairies, you never know what might happen when a fairy is around. She’ll teach children the ways of Fairyland – recycling old things and making them into new, taking care of the earth, all about flowers, and of course a little bit on the ways of magic spells.

Spunky and lively Princess Coral from Azuria’s Crystal Sea drops in for a magical visit, making any ordinary party just bubbly! Including telling stories from her trips to Pirates Bay.

Brave Pirate Princess Clara leads the Skylark and tells tales about her visits to many strange and exciting lands learning about the different cultures on our earth. In exchange for her and her shipmates’ kindness they have collected many gifts – from all across the world from friends they have made on their travels. She shows your wee guests that having “things” isn’t really that important and that the true treasures in life are friends!

Does your little princess love to dance? Our Ballerina Princess party includes a visit from the most graceful ballerina in Azuria! She teaches a mini dance lesson of basic ballet, as well as leading dances she learned in the Azurian forest with her fairy friends.

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