The Kingdom of Azuria is the magical land where Princess Genevieve and all of her friends live safely tucked away from what you think of as the “real world”.

It is a beautiful island with soft white sand, glittering turquoise waters, and snow capped mountains. Here, unicorns graze on four leaf clovers that grow like grass and rainbows stay the whole day.

Where is Azuria?

It is rumored that it’s location remained uncharted by modern cartographers due to its enchantment and rare fields of four leaf clovers. However, during the blizzard of January 2009, meteorologists spotted the location on Google Maps, when they were scanning for the forecast. The island quickly disappeared off charts, but not before they could get a snapshot. Princess Genevieve sat down with us to identify some of her favorite points on the island. You can see a detailed rendering of the island to the right.

Map of AzuriaWhat are some geographical landmarks in Azuria?

The Royal Palace sits in the valley cradled by the Sapphire Mountains. There are beaches surrounding the island on all sides. The most famous beach is Crystal Beach (pictured right) on the south east side.

The Rainbow Cliffs are home to the most brilliant rainbows ever seen. The lush climate of Azuria, which allows the clovers to grow, is the perfect breeding ground for these stunning prisms.

Are there Unicorns in Azuria?

Oh, Absolutely! And you thought they were extinct!? Quite the opposite. Long, long ago the Unicorns were in danger of extinction. So the remaining ones were sent to Azuria to be saved.

Why did they stay in Azuria?

Azuria’s landscape grows the largest quantity of four leaf clovers in the world. They cover the land, growing similar to grass. Unicorns have to have a healthy supply of four leaf clovers to live. In Azuria, herds of Unicorns can be found feasting in the Lucky Clover Meadow just north of the Sapphire Mountains.

Does Princess Genevieve have a Unicorn?

Yes! She received one as a birthday gift for her 8th Birthday. Her coat is as white as snow, so Genevieve named her Snowflake.

Are there dragons in Azuria?

Yes, but they usually don’t cause us any trouble, living peacefully in the Long Tooth Lair (at the northern tip). They can be tricksters though, causing some commotion throughout the land. There have been a few occasions where Prince Liam and his Knights have heroically “contained” one or two. Just like people you may know, dragons too can be disagreeable.

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