Mushroom Kale Ravioli Filling Recipe

mushroom ravioli recipeMushroom Kale Ravioli Filling Recipe from the Palace Kitchen.

This is one of my favorite Castle Cuisine posts of all time. It was so tasty. Best part was that we doubled our recipe and had extra filling to make enough ravioli to freeze for later! It’s a long process (with yummy pay off), and I recommend ideally having two people (or more) in the kitchen for this process.

This post pairs with our homemade ravioli pasta recipe. Here’s what you need to make your filling.

2 to 3 handfuls of Cremini mushrooms
1 onion
2 tablespoon chevre (or more if you want it creamier)
Three garlic cloves
2 to 3 kale stocks, stems removed
Olive oil
Sea Salt and pepper to taste

diced mushrooms

Dice mushrooms as small as you can go… and then dice them smaller. They need to fit into your ravioli pockets without bursting during the boil.

sauteed onions and garlic

Warm oil in your pan.
Sauté onions and garlic.
Add a tablespoon olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.
Let them cool.
Blend to create sauce to sauté mushrooms in.

kale mushroom ravioli filling recipe

Combine diced mushrooms and garlic / onion puree and cook for 5 minutes do not over cook mushrooms as they will cook once inside the ravioli while they boil.) They will cook quickly because of their small size.

Add chevre and let it melt. Stirring constantly.

Wilt the kale – and spinach if you want more greens.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

When filling the ravioli pockets, you want your mixture to be cool so to not warm the fragile pasta sheets. Let cool and set aside to make raviolis.

For the ravioli pasta recipe follow me…

homemade ravioli

Homemade Ravioli Recipe

Easy Homemade Ravioli from the Palace Kitchen.
Why buy it from the grocer when you can make your own?  It’s easy, fun, and so fresh and flavorful.

homemade ravioli

I can’t tell you how much I adore the Kitchen Aid mixer in the palace kitchen. We have used it for so many things! (I promise I’m not being paid to say this.) One of my favorite uses is making homemade pasta dough by using the pasta roller attachment.

We used the recipe below, which is on the back of Bob’s Red Mill Semolina Flour package. We did a 60/40 blend of regular all purpose flour with the semolina – as recommended by Bob’s.

  1. Combine semolina and salt, add beaten eggs (or egg whites), water and oil. Mix to make a stiff dough. Knead 10 minutes (we did this in our Kitchen Aid mixer) or until dough is elastic. Wrap dough in towel or place in plastic bag and let rest for 20 minutes. On a lightly floured surface roll out to desired thickness and cut as desired.Makes 6 servings.

Follow me, if you’d like the recipe for the Mushroom Kale Chevre Filling we made and the Spinach and Kale Pesto sauce. Use our recipe, or get creative with your own filling! I want to hear what you’ve been mixing up in your palace kitchen.

Finding the Warmth in Winter

netherlands christmas lights

image credit : swoshy on tumbler

Winter’s darker days have set in and the darkest day of the year, Winter Solstice on December 22, will be here very soon. The sun dips into it’s darkest place in the sky and the temperatures drop. Celebrations surround this astronomical movement as the sun starts bringing more and more light each day the third day following Solstice. This continues as it moves to it’s position for Summer Solstice June 20, 2016. Many of the worlds’ cultures rejoice the return of the the sun to the other side.

For centuries, the sky’s darkness during this time of year has symbolised man’s ability to rise from life’s challenges. Though you may find yourselves in a time of darkness, remember that you will rise again. The sun always returns. The light inside you always will, too.

What will you do to shine your light brightly during the of dark winter?

Warm Winter Scene

image credit:

Do you decorate your home’s windows with warm candle decorations? I love dreaming of what’s going on inside a home with warm light pouring through the windows during a cold winter eve. Maybe there’s a fire aglow warming a loving mommy and daddy reading to their little ones under a Christmas tree decorated with memories they’ve collected together? Do you ever dream the lives inside the homes you pass on your daily commute?

What can you do to shine your light as a beacon for someone else? We never know who may be in need. Those who need love most do not always come in obvious packages.

Light brings warmth to the darkness.

Sending you much warmth and light for the holiday season.

Gwyndelyn the good signature

Give More Joy

Our Facebook theme for December is “give”. Give more Joy!

What? How will I have time for that??

A time when stressors are raging high, the traffic won’t quit, and the days are dark so early what’s meant to be a joyful holiday season becomes overwhelming very quickly… and just as quickly we forget the real reason for this time is to graciously give to others.

Find ways to give more this season.

Here are five suggestions:

  • actually carry some loose change to drop into the red Salvation Army buckets
  • buy an extra pair of gloves and donate it to the local homeless shelter
  • form a group of carolers to sing at a nursing home
  • wear a santa hat to the gym (your gift is a laugh to someone else.)
  • wish warm holiday greetings to those who serve you during the day (your waiter, the clerk at the shopping mall, your taxi driver or mailman…)

image credit:

The suggestions above will cost you less and $5 and some are free.  Everyone, especially those with young children, is conscious of budgets during this month, so remember that your “gift” doesn’t have to be a material or financial gift. Money and things eventually disappear. Money is used, things break or are lost. Your time, your smile, your love creates a memory that outlasts any material gift you could ever buy.

Give More Joy.

Get more Joy.


Washington Ballet Nutcracker Review

Princess Genevieve and Prince Liam visited the Kingdom of America’s capital this weekend and stopped to see The Washington Ballet’s Nutcracker. Genevieve recounts her experience. below.

Washington Ballet Nutcracker Review

It was the most magical performance that I have ever seen of my favorite ballet and Christmas story. And I have seen countless productions. I danced along with Mikhail Baryshnikov’s Nutcracker VHS daily as a little girl (read more about my obsessive ballerina-ness here). I can hardly sit still when I hear this music. During the show I felt my muscles twitching to the beat of Tchaikovsky’s score. This music runs through my veins.

The creativity of The Washington Ballet’s Artistic Director is unmatched. Not only were the company, gorgeous set, and dreamy costumes truly “en pointe”, each washington ballet nutcrackerelement of this beloved story has been carefully pirouetted into American history. Clara’s family lives in Georgetown, George Washington as the Nutcracker battled the Mouse King George, the Cherry Blossom Queen danced the Sugar Plum Fairy, they highlighted the American people’s excitement of the Frontier and the Native Americans. I could go on and on, as there were so many whimsical details borrowed from American history.

I was in awe.

My grandmother, Queen Aurelia, loved the city of Washington, DC. She came to the city as a young girl during WWII, against the King’s (her father) wishes, to help the American Navy in the WAVES. She was enchanted by the magic of this city her entire life. I wish so that she could have seen her favorite song, The Waltz of the Flowers, danced as Washington’s cheery Cherry Blossoms. I am so thankful that she shared her love for Washington and The Nutcracker with me.

You simply must see this production. I have been dancing about since Sunday’s show. It was gorgeous. I want to see it again and again!

Peek into the magic of this production in this clip of the company’s performance at the 2009 Cherry Blossom Festival.

Do let us know if you go see The Nutcracker! 

washington ballet nutcracker

when you go to the ballet, you must dress like a ballerina.

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Welcome to the Kingdom of Azuria.

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You may recognize the bone design from our Puppy Party post. If you’re a dog lover like the royal family, you’ll want to hop over there and download your free Puppy Party invitation, too.

Oh and just in case you missed them, here are two more free Christmas downloads Santa at the Palace Coloring Page and Reindeer Food for the lawn on Christmas Eve.

May your holidays be Furry and Bright and may all your Christmas be white.

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