How to Become a REAL Princess

Being a real princess is hard work. There is so much more to being a real Princess than having pretty ball gowns, lots of glittering jewelry, and dancing with the most charming prince. Real princesses deal with many of the things you do in a day, like having to clean their rooms or help take care of their younger siblings. But on top of all the normal things that Princesses do, they have a lot more to think about! If you decide to become a true princess you must meet these ten requirements:

1. Make your own princess crown.
2. Learn about the two other types of Princesses; the Mermaid Princess and the Fairy Princess.
3. Complete these eight required courses:

Hostess with the Mostess
Royal Etiquette
Princess Poise
Dealing with “Subjects”
Royal Pains: Dragons, Spells and Stepmothers
Riddles and Risks
Talking to Animals 101
Fairy Godmothers

4. Read lots of Fairy Tales
5. Write and illustrate your own Princess Story.
6. Master the perfect Princess curtsy.
7. Host your own Royal Event.
8. Make a gift for someone else.
9. Abide by the Princess Code of Honor.
10. Be kind to others and always be true to yourself.

These requirements must be met in one week’s time to become a true Princess. Do you still want to become a true Princess after hearing these rules and requirements? If so, then get started, you have an awful lot of work to do!
Love, Princess Genevieve

Do your unicorns speak old gaelic?

All of the fantasy creatures of Azuria still speak the ancient tongue of our ancestors, Àrzɐrŷḁn (Az-uri-an). The only way I know to describe it is as the romances languages, old latin and gaelic all mixed together.

School children are expected to learn this from an early age, as the fairies, dwarfs, unicorns and other mystical creatures of Azuria still use this as their main form of communication. Many sects throughout the kingdom have their own what you might call ‘accents’, that add a bit of confusion to oral comprehension.

The Càarta Àrzɐrŷḁ, the “Azurian Charter”, is scribed in old Àrzɐrŷḁn. We use the old language in weddings, naming ceremonies and other official events.

Ask a Princess!

Fairy Naming Ceremony

We had a beautiful weekend here in Azuria for the Fairy Naming Ceremony . The sky was a bright azure and the sun was warm. The flower floats crowded people into the streets for the parade and procession into the Ampitheatre where all the people of Azuria attended the annual Fairy Naming Ceremonies. Here is a short list of the fairies named Saturday afternoon.

The complete list is available at the Azurian Library in Cerulean Square.

Princess Féeleia (Fay-le-yah) from the Fairy King Féylyn and Queen Zarria
Cameijla (Ca-mill-ah) from the Earl and Countess Camellia
Daphodile (Daf-o-dill) from the Honorable Narcïssus
Îszam (Is-zam) from the Honorable Îrise
Lijlan (Lee-lin) and Lilija (Lil-lee-yah) from the Honorable
Lily Lælah (Lay-lah) from the Honorable SweetPea

Do you recognize any of the flower names above? They are written in native Azurian, but perhaps you have some of these in your own garden. If you were a fairy, what would you choose as your flower dress? What’s your favorite flower?

Venia Sapientia Vires

SHEILD with AzRUIa text
Venia Sapientia Vires literally means Grace Wisdom Strength. These Latin words were bestowed upon Azuria thousands of years ago when the decision was made to save the unicorns and send them to Azuria.


Story Time with Princess Genevieve

We are pleased to introduce a new monthly series, Story Time with Princess Genevieve, coming January 23rd at 11am. Join us for a morning full of magic and enchantment right here at your Warrenton Border’s®. The Princess will be sharing one of her favorite fantasy stories and bringing a special gift for her guests.

We look forward to sharing the magic of The Kingdom of Azuria™ to you. Enter new world with each book.

Step in and let yourself be enchanted!

At your local Border’s® Bookstore
251 W. Lee Hwy. Warrenton, VA

Sponsored by Border’s® and The Kingdom of Azuria™

Operation Christmas Child

Princess Genevieve has been filling boxes with fun toys, coloring books and games for children who are in need during the holidays. Her and her helpers have wrapped 12 boxes this year! To get in on the fun and to help a child in need go to the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief Organization, click here.

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