Royal Family at the Pumpkin Patch

Every Royal Palace needs the perfect pumpkin!

The Royals went pumpkin picking today. Have you decided what to carve your’s as yet? We’re still searching for ideas- Genevieve always like the Royal Carvers to choose something to correspond with her Halloween Costume theme. Can you guess what she’s planning to be this year?

princess pumpkin patch

Beautiful, the Musical

image credit AmericanSongwriter.comPrince Liam and Princess Genevieve saw the “Beautiful”, a musical that about Carole King‘s life, last evening at the Kennedy Center.

One of the Princess’ childhood favorites, Carole, is an extremely talented woman who basically wrote every song you’ve ever listened to. Her lyrics have been sung by many popular artists, thought Carole remains fairly unknown (see a list of artists here…).

Carole’s life work makes one pause to remember the beauty in helping someone else to shine.

We thank you for your voice, Carole. You are BEAUTIFUL. xo

Girl Scout Adventure Day

October 17th, we attended Adventure Day which was hosted for the Girl Scouts at the Fauquier Fairgrounds in Warrenton, VA. We met so many new friends. There were girls there from all over Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and DC. George Bain coordinated a wonderful event and we are so thankful that he included us this year (AND that we were available to attend – finally!).

You may not know that we offer GS Troop appearances in addition to our parties. We love helping troops earn badges with our Azurian twist! Though you might think we just do “princess”… there’s truly something for girls of all ages.

We help troops earn badges and teach lessons based on their chosen theme. For Juniors and Brownies we’ve brought recyclable plastics to share what is recyclable or not in your area, home conservation ideas, and ways to be kind to the environment. We also love the Beauty badges where we teach girls tasteful make up techniques, healthful beauty products to buy (makeup and shampoos free of chemicals), how what you eat controls your overall health, and most of all how to celebrate your own inner beauty. Brownies are taught etiquette and manners from Princess Genevieve. Cadettes and Seniors earn their My Business Plan and Marketing badges by speaking with owner, Jennifer Ayers, about what it’s really like running your very own business. Daisy Girl Scout leaders choose one of our characters for their troops and the little girls love our story times!

A former Girl Scout herself, Jennifer believes the values GS founder, Juliet Lowe, established so rich and needed for each coming generation of young women. She especially loved sharing her Junior vest, her mum’s GS sash, and one of the original GS handbooks from the 1930s with the girls on Saturday. The handbook may be different, but the values Juliet created almost 100 years ago are still relevant today.

Our voices were tired from chatting with the awesome girls, leaders, and families we met that afternoon! It’s a great feeling inspiring these young ladies to get the most out of their GS experience and to show them that you can do anything you set your mind to do.

girl scout adventure day

Kingdom of Azuria owner, Jennifer Ayers, spoke to Girl Scout Troops about what it’s like to own your own business, inspiring the young girls to create something of their own!

girl scout adventure day

we raffled a collection of 10 Princess Party Favors to a lucky GS Troop!

girl scout adventure day

Princess Genevieve and Princess Coral with a big fan!

girl scout adventure day

The Girl Scouts of all ages loved meeting our Princesses.

girl scout adventure day girl scout adventure day girl scout adventure day

girl scout adventure day
girl scout adventure day

See more photos from our day on Facebook.

Apple Picking with the Royal Family

The Royal Family made their annual visit to the Avalon Woods this weekend. The woods are famous for their gorgeous apple groves that have been there for centuries. The Witches in the area keep them healthy and growing year after year. Azurian families flock here every autumn for apple picking, local honey, apple butter, pies, cider, and caramel apples.

Apple picking is one of Princess Genevieve’s favorite childhood memories. Her Grandmother Aurelia and her Queen Mum would bring her to the Valley of the Moon each season for autumn walks in the Avalon Woods. She looks forward to sharing this tradition with her family through the coming years.

Princess Genevieve apple picking
olivers family in apple trees

apples apple tree avalon oliver playing apples oliver playing apples

The Royals paid a visit to Gwyndelyn the Good Witch for dinner before returning to the Palace.

What #Magic Means to Me

Earlier this month the Kingdom welcomed our newest character, Gwyndelyn the Good Witch. Though she’s always lived in the magical gwyndelyn the good magicKingdom of Azuria, she’s only recently shared herself to The World.  Along with her introduction our theme this month is magic, and I understand that’s not something that everyone can grasp. So, I’d like to explain what magic means to me personally.

Through years of submerging myself in literary themes of Fairy Tales, ancient myths and legends, and modern fantasy novels I see that magic has been greatly misrepresented into something evil and scary. The one character that always pops up in magic tales is the Witch. The Witch character is often portrayed as a very scary and evil being who wishes ill on others. I was extremely fearful of this character and remember Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella de Vil as terrifying images in my childhood.

During my most recent trip to Europe I became very interested in the Roman Empire’s suffocation of Northern/Middle Europe. The old pagan and earthen religions were near extinction as the Empire stretched it’s powerful hand.Knowledge was violently crushed through history as each new reigning power destroyed the wisdom of the one before. It is believed during this time, woman’s respected role was stifled and the ancient wisdom of healer, or Witch, as it was called, was twisted into something to be feared. Fear of magic only grew as the years went on. Isn’t it painful to think of the knowledge we’ve lost in every destructive war?

All of those aforementioned characters use magic in an evil way, supporting the long time belief that magic is evil. Instead, I like the think of Cinderella’s sweet Godmother, the Great Lion King Aslan, Gandalf, and Luke Skywalker who use their magic for GOOD. That is what magic is in it’s unaltered state. Magic is goodness. And if magic is goodness, then we all have it inside us. (I suppose even the most nasty people do.)

Okay, but what is magic to me? I know you want me to say it’s casting spells by adding eye of newt to steamy cauldrons like you’ve read in books. But to me, magic is the ability to create. Magic is changing your mind to make things better. Magic is the gift of choice we have in free-will. Magic is self-care and compassion for others. Magic is being open to new experiences and learning. Magic is setting a different course and brightening our world. You can’t argue that we all have those characteristics in us already!

And as for the spells… if “Witches” use spells to make things happen. Why can’t we? To me, a magic spell can be as little as a positive affirmation and a switch in mindset. It’s all mindfulness. Speak aloud or in your mind what you want to happen. We are what we believe ourselves to be.

If you have an important job offer that lands you an interview… cast a magic spell by eating a proper breakfast, dressing the part, saying self-empowering thoughts aloud before you leave the house, and believing you deserve the job. Then release and let doubt go- knowing what will be will be. If you do this before and believe the whole way through the interview it will come across to everyone.

That’s powerful stuff! It’s no wonder magic has been feared by those in high ranking power positions. You can see why the early rulers wouldn’t want regular people thinking they could do anything if they just believed.

Magic works in my everyday life when I change my perspective whether when waiting for my coffee at the cafe or sitting in horrible traffic. If I’m feeling annoyed and antsy to get on with my day, I make a simple mindset change and the whole experience softens magically. I encourage you to try it. (Does it work every time? No. Some days there’s something bothering me and I can’t find the positive of a situation. Daily I strive to be more understanding.)

Remember, magic is something you do. Magic will not work if you do not make it happen. I don’t want you to think that you can’t just wish for something and it magically appears – well maybe you can sometimes, I’ve had it happen. But that story is for another time.

Look at Cinderella’s story. She may have had a Fairy Godmother help her, but if she stayed focused on the negative of her situation she would have never gotten into that carriage. Certainly a choice that changed her life completely! Remember, magic offers a choice. You may have all the good things you dream of laid out in front of you… and if you don’t jump… what good are they?

I hope this will give you a new perspective on what magic means so you may start finding it in your daily life. I’d love to hear how magic works for you.

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Good Witch Ball Invitation Download

good witch ball invitation

We had so many awesome comments about the Good Witch Ball and requests for the invitation! Thank you. So, we’ve decided to make it a free download for those Witchie Princesses at home. Now you can host your own Good Witch Ball in your own Stone Circle.

You’ll need to download the following fonts to be exact:

DJB My Last Amen
Regency Script FLF

Download the file and get ready for the Ball. We have it for both WORD and Apple’s Pages.

WORD Good Witch Ball Invitation 
PAGES Good Witch Ball Invitation


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