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Something Sparkly is Brewing

Our primary mission in the Kingdom is to promote respect for the feminine through our stories and events. I started this company to offer a different perspective of femininity to the younger generation, but ended up impacting both the young and young-at-heart. Since the start we’ve self-empowered the female through our characters who are modest, kind, and strong who share wholesome and positive messages.sparkle image credit

In my mind, it all starts with children. Starry-eyed little princesses soak up everything we say, do, and wear starting at an early age. I’ve often said how we have to remember that children watch us. We grown women are their models. As children they memorize our every move. And then they get older! I can’t imagine sorting through the world now as a princess entering my teenage years. These young souls, desperate to receive a positive message of self-worth, need to be validated for who they are. The earlier the better, or they become like most adults, (and I’ll use the title adult loosely- because I feel we are so deeply rooted in our child-ness that we never really change from who we were when we came into this world; but that’s another post) forever searching outward for the meaning of their lives. It takes some of us years to realize that the magic we’re seeking is already inside our hearts.

I knew it was true, but had never seen the way children mimic adults on such a large scale as when I worked as a teacher in public schools. Confirmed were my ideas that building self-worth and dignity starts at a young age. I was reminded daily how much a positive message really must be fostered throughout a woman’s life. It was so eye opening for me that a fire lit to further my quest to save the feminine.

Because the feminine is traditionally linked to the phases of the Moon and creation. What better time to spill (a few of) the magic beans than with September’s Full Moon today. (Yes, you need to get outside tonight and soak in the glory of that sight.) Early next month we’ll introduce our newest character! She’s full of whimsy and magic. She’s a part of me, too. I truly believe in the everyday magic of the world and I want to share that side of my heart with all of you.

Though I’m a little scared to open up in this way, I have been brewing some major messages I feel strongly led to share. So we’ll be talking magic and hopefully helping you find it in your own life this October. Next year we’re set to launch new events that cater to the young-at-heart- meaning… our big girl Princesses. The Queens! And obviously, because of who you’re dealing with here (me), this will include lots of magic and enchantment. I’m so excited!

Happy Full Moon, Princesses! Open your heart. Free your mind. Go sparkle and be magical.

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