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Girl Scout Adventure Day

October 17th, we attended Adventure Day which was hosted for the Girl Scouts at the Fauquier Fairgrounds in Warrenton, VA. We met so many new friends. There were girls there from all over Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and DC. George Bain coordinated a wonderful event and we are so thankful that he included us this year (AND that we were available to attend – finally!).

You may not know that we offer GS Troop appearances in addition to our parties. We love helping troops earn badges with our Azurian twist! Though you might think we just do “princess”… there’s truly something for girls of all ages.

We help troops earn badges and teach lessons based on their chosen theme. For Juniors and Brownies we’ve brought recyclable plastics to share what is recyclable or not in your area, home conservation ideas, and ways to be kind to the environment. We also love the Beauty badges where we teach girls tasteful make up techniques, healthful beauty products to buy (makeup and shampoos free of chemicals), how what you eat controls your overall health, and most of all how to celebrate your own inner beauty. Brownies are taught etiquette and manners from Princess Genevieve. Cadettes and Seniors earn their My Business Plan and Marketing badges by speaking with owner, Jennifer Ayers, about what it’s really like running your very own business. Daisy Girl Scout leaders choose one of our characters for their troops and the little girls love our story times!

A former Girl Scout herself, Jennifer believes the values GS founder, Juliet Lowe, established so rich and needed for each coming generation of young women. She especially loved sharing her Junior vest, her mum’s GS sash, and one of the original GS handbooks from the 1930s with the girls on Saturday. The handbook may be different, but the values Juliet created almost 100 years ago are still relevant today.

Our voices were tired from chatting with the awesome girls, leaders, and families we met that afternoon! It’s a great feeling inspiring these young ladies to get the most out of their GS experience and to show them that you can do anything you set your mind to do.

girl scout adventure day

Kingdom of Azuria owner, Jennifer Ayers, spoke to Girl Scout Troops about what it’s like to own your own business, inspiring the young girls to create something of their own!

girl scout adventure day

we raffled a collection of 10 Princess Party Favors to a lucky GS Troop!

girl scout adventure day

Princess Genevieve and Princess Coral with a big fan!

girl scout adventure day

The Girl Scouts of all ages loved meeting our Princesses.

girl scout adventure day girl scout adventure day girl scout adventure day

girl scout adventure day
girl scout adventure day

See more photos from our day on Facebook.

DIY: Repurposed Egg Carton Flower Wreath Craft

Lady Kathleen and I have been beating out winter’s gray with a weekly craft date. I saw this idea over at Homemade Serenity.

Here’s  tutorial of now one of my favorite crafts of all time. Who knew that egg cartons could be SO gorgeous!

egg crate flower wreath pink

Love the vivid colors and the sweet little petals. This is just perfect for spring!


Allow time for cutting with some sharp scissors.  This project took us longer than expected because we did not prepare for the cutting time.

Allow time for cutting with some sharp scissors. This project took us longer than expected because we did not prepare for the cutting time.

paints and supplies

The original design used tempera paint, but I had acrylic on hand. Kathleen used tempera, but I think the hues in the acrylic paints show up nicer on the cardboard cups.

egg crate flowers

We used a box to cut the wreath shape.

painting egg crate flowers

Little flowers drying.

egg crate flowers for wreath

Notice the little green leaves? They were cut from the flat tops of the egg crates.

Egg Crate Wreath Flowers

Doesn’t it just pop?

Egg Crate floral wreath

Tie a pretty ribbon to hang.

This would be a great craft for summer camp, but might take almost the week’s course. Day 1: Cutting Day 2: Painting/Drying Day 3: Glueing! Very cost effective, too – really only the paint needs to be bought.

egg crate flower wreath spring

I want to make one for every season now. I can see poinsettias for Christmas or red, white, and blue, for July. What colors would you use?

Fairy Friday: Summer Lemonade Recipe

There’s something entirely refreshing about lemons in the summer. Even just a lemon squeezed into a glass of ice water quenches my thirst on these hot summer days.

Here’s a recipe for lemonade to cool you off this summer. I usually cut the sugar down though, because I like tart lemonade!


  • 1 3/4 cups white sugar
  • 8 cups water
  • 1 1/2 cups lemon juice


  1. In a small saucepan, combine sugar and 1 cup water. Bring to boil and stir to dissolve sugar. Allow to cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate until chilled.
  2. Remove seeds from lemon juice, but leave pulp. In pitcher, stir together chilled syrup, lemon juice and remaining 7 cups water.

You could even make some extra spending money by organizing a neighborhood lemonade stand! Enjoy!

How to Become a REAL Princess

Being a real princess is hard work. There is so much more to being a real Princess than having pretty ball gowns, lots of glittering jewelry, and dancing with the most charming prince. Real princesses deal with many of the things you do in a day, like having to clean their rooms or help take care of their younger siblings. But on top of all the normal things that Princesses do, they have a lot more to think about! If you decide to become a true princess you must meet these ten requirements:

1. Make your own princess crown.
2. Learn about the two other types of Princesses; the Mermaid Princess and the Fairy Princess.
3. Complete these eight required courses:

Hostess with the Mostess
Royal Etiquette
Princess Poise
Dealing with “Subjects”
Royal Pains: Dragons, Spells and Stepmothers
Riddles and Risks
Talking to Animals 101
Fairy Godmothers

4. Read lots of Fairy Tales
5. Write and illustrate your own Princess Story.
6. Master the perfect Princess curtsy.
7. Host your own Royal Event.
8. Make a gift for someone else.
9. Abide by the Princess Code of Honor.
10. Be kind to others and always be true to yourself.

These requirements must be met in one week’s time to become a true Princess. Do you still want to become a true Princess after hearing these rules and requirements? If so, then get started, you have an awful lot of work to do!
Love, Princess Genevieve