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Crystal Ball Birthday Celebration

gemstone party crystal ballA birthday celebration for Princess Genevieve has been scheduled the evening of December 10th at the Royal Palace. Prince Liam ordered invitations sent mid-November. Among the citizens of Azuria, well known guests expected to attend include, Princesses Coral and Violetta, Pirate Clara, the Good Witch Gwyndelyn, Sugar Plum Fairy, and the mysterious Snow Queen. Away at Azuria University, it is uncertain whether Princess Angelica, Genevieve’s younger sister, will be able to attend.

Azurians love to dress up and the sparklier the better. The dress shops are bustling with special orders and dressmakers are running extra low on sequins this week! The fairies have already been summoned multiple times today to create more sequins from Fairy Dust and snowflakes from Sapphire Mountain.

We’ll post all the party details and even some free downloads this January so you can host your very own Crystal Ball!

Good Witch Ball Invitation Download

good witch ball invitation

We had so many awesome comments about the Good Witch Ball and requests for the invitation! Thank you. So, we’ve decided to make it a free download for those Witchie Princesses at home. Now you can host your own Good Witch Ball in your own Stone Circle.

You’ll need to download the following fonts to be exact:

DJB My Last Amen
Regency Script FLF

Download the file and get ready for the Ball. We have it for both WORD and Apple’s Pages.

WORD Good Witch Ball Invitation 
PAGES Good Witch Ball Invitation


Gwyndelyn the good signature

Puppy Party Invitation and Favors

A continuation of our Puppy Party Ideas post from last week, which we think would also work just swell this weekend for the PUPPY BOWL parties we know you’re all planning.

Oliver was lucky to have so many friends at his Birthday Paw-ty, so we had to make something to let them know how special they are!

Oliver is ONE! photo 2

He has two signatures one is making the “O” in his name into a pawprint, and the other is always wearing a dapper bowtie, so we included these on the invitations and favor tags. The invitations read “come, sit, stay”! Which we thought was wildly clever.

Puppy Party invitation

We found little foldable bags from the wedding section at the Dollar store filled them with homemade dog treats and pasted on our own “Thanks for coming to my paw-ty” tags. Download both the free printable and editable here Oliver’s 1st Birthday Party Editables and Oliver’s 1st Birthday Party Tags. You may need to download fonts to make them look just right.

Oliver favors puppy party

Oops, someone got really excited about his paw-ty favors…

tennis ball favors puppy partyThe other favor for all the canine guests was a colorful tennis ball with pawprints. They chose from the dog bowl. Both from the Dollar Store.

We love any excuse for a party and this was one for the books!

Puppy Party Food Ideas: Free Printables!

Furry friends are just like family here in the castle. They bring us so much joy all year through. So that’s why when their special day comes around we have to make a big to-do!

Our sweet puppy came into our lives last April and we have loved every minute with him. He is a joy. He is smart! He loves his Lamb Chops (which we had to get for him after puppy-sitting a neighbor’s dog in May. He stole the visiting pup’s toy until his mummy, Princess Genevieve, made him return it with an apology note). He adores people and other animals and like a true Royal wants to greet everyone when out and about. We are so blessed to have this fluffy baby in our world.

Here’s how we rang in his FIRST birthday with a special puppy paw-ty!

Puppy Party

We used silver mixing bowls and dog bowls to display the appetizers (wait till you see the chip bowl) and decorated the table with photos of Oliver’s first year memories.

Click and Oliver’s 1st Birthday Party Editables will open in a Powerpoint file. Oliver’s 1st Birthday Paw-ty Tag printable. You’ll need to download the fonts.

puppy chow puppy party

Puppy Chow Recipe – we added “O”s cereals – for “O”liver.

kibbles and bits puppy party

a Texas Caviar recipe (minus the green veggies, plus a dash of cumin) became “Kibbles ‘n Bits” and chips were served in a dog bowl from the Dollar Store!


We had “Trail Mix” – Oliver does love hiking

bonewiches puppy party

B”one”wiches! Ham, swiss cheese, and basil on country white bread.


The adults partook in some doggie themed beverages. We served a special Sangria “Puptail”- instead of cocktails. By the way, the Bowhaus Red came from Barrel Oak – a winery in Fauquier County, Virginia. They love dogs, and if you noticed… their name spells, “BOW”!

schnoodle cupcakes puppy party

My favorite part: Oliver’s Birthday Schnoodle PUPcakes!! No dyes used – except for the M&Ms.
I saw this idea on @jessandeddie’s instagram feed a few months ago and can’t wait to show them our version!

schnoodle pupcakes puppy party

So cute!



Check back for the Puppy Party Invitation and Favors post – coming soon! Hope you enjoyed our Puppy Paw-ty as much as we did!

Wilton Cake Class at Michael’s: Week Four (Finale)

chocolate covered strawberries

I finally completed the last class in the Wilton Course 1 series. I started back in November, but had to miss our final class because of a holiday gala. Turns out I was blessed to have missed that class and make it up later, because my teacher this time was the cutest thing ever.

Dana, at the Christiansburg Michael’s, has such an encouraging spirit and uplifting energy about her. She made time just for me to make up my class… I was the only student there, and she even brought snacks, including chocolate covered strawberries. She really went out of her way.

We love flower fairies here in Azuria, so I had to go fairy themed this time! I used the gel tracing technique we learned in my previous class when I made the tiara cake. I have decided that this is my favorite decorating technique of all.Its sooo easy to find coloring pages of any theme online to use as your guide. How I wish this had been the case in my childhood, when I used to ration the pages in my coloring books on road trips!

Most of cake decorating is using your own creativity. Only your imagination is the limit. Below I’ve included some tips to get you started on the gel tracing technique, but then you’re free .

Well here she is! The strawberry-lemonade fairy cake finale:

Fairy Cake WiltonFairy Cake


Hooray! Here’s my teacher, Dana, after presenting me with my certificate of completion. Maybe I’ll frame it for my kitchen. hehe.

WIlton Cake Class Michael's

So, What Exactly is a Princess Party?

Its Whimsical Wednesday, so would you like to see what a princess party is like with the Kingdom of Azuria? Here’s some photos from a party Princess Angelica attended last November.

Be sure to notice the looks on these sweet little faces as she enchants them with her tales of Azuria. At the end you’ll find a special testimonial from the Queen Mum.


Princess Party VA

Screen Princess Party VA 2012-11-11 at 7.45.47 PM

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Screen shot 2012-11-11 at 7.48.12 PM

Princess Party VA

Here’s a word from the Queen Mum:

Screen shot 2012-11-16 at 5.21.36 PM

Special thanks to Queen Jen for sharing the photos.

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