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The Snow Ball

Here’s another one of the Kingdom’s winter traditions. Its a chilly time of year in Azuria, so we use the cold to bring friends and family together.

The Snow Ball:
Tonite is the annual Snow Ball in the Kingdom of Azuria. We host one every year to celebrate the Winter Solstice (which falls today, December 21, 2010, at 23:38 pm).

Everyone dresses in white and dances under the full moon. The ball room is decorated with white candles, frosty white snowflakes, snowy white trees decorated in silver ornaments and pearls for garland.

All the young ladies, who turned twelve years old this year, are given a strand of snow pearls at the Snow Ball. Pearls stand for harmony and good taste, and tonite is the night we wish all of our young ladies to grow into women of virtue and kindness.

Here’s the dress I’m going to wear tonite. I took a picture in my closet:

Sure is cold, but its my favorite time of year!  Must be off to get ready; our guests will be here soon! Be sure to look at the full moon tonight. <3 Princess Genevieve

Night of Sinter Noël

Nite of Sinter Noël:

Before bed children leave their winter slippers on the hearth filled with carrots and clover for Sinter Noël’s unicorn, Schnofälle (which means snow fall). Sinter Noël visits good children’s houses in the night leaving chocolates, gingersnaps and oranges in their slippers while they sleep! If Schnofälle doesn’t eat the clover from your shoe, then Sinter Noël knows you have not been a good boy or girl that year, and will fill your slipper with snow (leaving it cold and wet by morning).

After a large brunch the next morning, family members draw names for an event comparable to Secret Santa. Handmade gifts, like stationary or jewelry are popular gifts.

Where is Azuria?

Azuria officially the Republic of Azuria (Azzuria Republika) is a country in the Atlantic Ocean, way past the Chesapeake Bay on your way to Europe. It is the last remaining fairy land of our modern world. It’s coordinates are uncharted from today’s Cartographers to protect its lush landscape and enchanting inhabitants from modernization.

Government: Azuria, a monarchy, is ruled by Princess Genevieve’s Royal family.
Population: The Azurian Census has not been conducted since 1886.
Weather: The weather is much like California in the U.S. Just like us, there are four seasons (spring, summer, autumn & winter).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some geographical landmarks in Azuria?
The Royal Palace sits cradled by the Sapphire Mountains in the Valley of Genovia. There are beaches surrounding the island on all sides. The most famous beach is Crystal Beach (on the south east side).

Are there Unicorns in Azuria?
Oh, Absolutely! And you thought they were extinct!? Quite the opposite. Long, long ago the Unicorns were in danger of extinction. So the remaining ones were sent to Azuria to be saved.

Why Azuria? Unicorns graze on four leaf clovers and Azuria’s landscape grows the largest quantity of four leaf clovers in the world. They cover the land, growing similar to your grass. You can find herds of Unicorns feasting in the Lucky Clover Meadow just north of the Sapphire Mountains.

Does Princess Genevieve have a Unicorn?
Yes! She recieved her as a birthday gift for her 8th Birthday. Her coat is as white as snow, so Genevieve named her Snowflake.

Daisy, Daisy, Give me Your Answer Do

Daisy Girl Scout Troop

Daisy Girl Scout Troop

Yesterday, I visited the Daisies of Remington, VA to teach them all about proper Princess etiquette. We learned all about sleep over etiquette, table manners and introductions! They asked lots of wonderful questions. And I found out that in the Kingdom of America they have orange chips called, “Cheetos”, how funny! I’ve never heard of anything like it. I stopped at the gas station on the way to the airport to pick some up for my flight back to Azuria and tried them for the first time. I must say, they are quite messy! They left my fingers all orangey!

What sweet girls. When I told everyone in Azuria about them, everyone here loved that their vests are Azuria Blue! How patriotic!

Venia Sapientia Vires

SHEILD with AzRUIa text
Venia Sapientia Vires literally means Grace Wisdom Strength. These Latin words were bestowed upon Azuria thousands of years ago when the decision was made to save the unicorns and send them to Azuria.