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National Girlfriends Day

Take today to hold those special girls in your life a little closer. So often we see girls tearing each other down, so here’s a little reminder to treat all the women in your life with an extra dash of kindness. Lord knows, we all need it!

girlfriends day

princess star It’s National Girlfriends Day! Where would you be without your girlfriends and gal pals? Today, take a moment to step back and appreciate these lifelong friends.

Girlfriends are the women who you can always depend on. Whether you call on them to share exciting news, to have a shoulder to cry on, or to just hang out, your girlfriends are always there for you. That’s why there is an entire day dedicated to these friends, sisters, mothers, and daughters. They are all essential parts of our lives! Source

girlfriends day

So, What Exactly is a Princess Party?

Its Whimsical Wednesday, so would you like to see what a princess party is like with the Kingdom of Azuria? Here’s some photos from a party Princess Angelica attended last November.

Be sure to notice the looks on these sweet little faces as she enchants them with her tales of Azuria. At the end you’ll find a special testimonial from the Queen Mum.


Princess Party VA

Screen Princess Party VA 2012-11-11 at 7.45.47 PM

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Princess Party VA

Screen shot 2012-11-11 at 7.48.12 PM

Princess Party VA

Here’s a word from the Queen Mum:

Screen shot 2012-11-16 at 5.21.36 PM

Special thanks to Queen Jen for sharing the photos.

Blue Ribbon DIY: Derby Day is on its Way!

The Royal Derby is scheduled for this Saturday in Castleton Downs. The princesses are not the only ones who’ve had a fun week preparing their fancy hats for the big event. There is a huge contest at the schools for the most creative hat. On Friday the Hat Parade will gather families to the schools so the kids can show off their creations.

We’re planning a party ourselves and here’s a craft that is simple and affordable to add to your Derby Day celebration. Of course, we see these being used at a Horsin’ Around or even Carnival/ Country Fair Party themes! You can use these as a wreath and if you make enough of them decorate the food and drink tables, too.

All you need is blue wrapping paper, crepe paper, tape, scissors, hot glue gun, and a cardboard (we used an empty cereal box). These go pretty fast – the most time consuming part is the accordion folding. The neater you make those folds the crisper the fan circle will be.

DIY Derby Blue Ribbon Tutorial

The best part? Everything here is straight from the Dollar Store!

DIY Blue Ribbon

Loving that ROYAL blue color!

DIY Blue Ribbon Tutorial

And here’s my very interested helper… who really got into things as the project progressed.

DIY Derby Blue Ribbon Puppy


Silly puppy!

We’d love to see the hats and ribbons you’ve designed for the day. Post your photos below and enjoy the Derby.



Princess Genevieve Surprises Kindergarten Class



Princess Genevieve surprised the kindergarteners in Mrs Smith’s class with a royal story time. She read The Princess Knight by Cornelia Funke and left a special coloring page with a shield, like the one Prince Liam carries to defend the forests from the dragons,  for the children to decorate. Here are some photos from their special day.





The children presented the Princess with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.



As promised she, took a picture for the children of the flowers on the grand table in thecastle.


Princess attends Chick-Fil-A’s 5th Birthday Celebration

Saturday Princess Genevieve appeared at the FIFTH birthday party of Warrenton’s Chick-Fil-A. Its always such a joy to reconnect with our old friends, the princesses we’re attended parties for, and of course we always enjoy sharing the magical stories of Azuria by making new friends.

As always, Queen Stephanie, the Marketing Director at the Warrenton location went all out for the event. She is such a kind and  welcoming person and you just can’t help but feel happy in her presence. The whole day was packed with activities for the whole family. They had drawings galore, give aways, Home Depot came to teach kids about planting seeds, and so much more. We were honored to be asked to attend.

Here’s some photos from our special morning.

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