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Free Printable: Snowflake the Unicorn’s Shamrock Spelling Game

If you missed Princess Genevieve’s appearance this morning at ChickFilA in Warrenton you missed out on her free coloring page game for March. But today’s your lucky day! We’re offering the coloring page game she brought to share today free online.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by helping Snowflake the unicorn get home to his mommy in time for dark.

Snowflake Shamrock Spelling Game by KingdomofAzuria

16 March : Genevieve to attend Chick-Fil-A Warrenton’s 5 Year Celebration

Genevieve to appear at Chick Fil A Kids Night Tuesday Oct 12!

I am so excited to see my friends at ChickFilA in just a couple weeks.

I haven’t seen Mr. Cow since the summer. Can’t believe it was so warm not long ago and we were in short sleeves!

Check out the event on Facebook!

Celebrating 5 Years as your Warrenton Chick-fil-A
By Chick-fil-A Warrenton

Join us for our 5 Year Celebration!

~All day in store activities for the entire family
~Free Catering opportunities

~Win Chick-fil-A for a YEAR!!
~Meet Princess Genevieve 10-11am
~Home Depot “Veggie Craft” 3-5pm
~Live Music

RSVP on this page

chikfila 16 march princess genevieveSee you there!

Princess Genevieve Signature script angled

True Princess: New Video Series

It’s a Snow Day! You’ll find me cozied up in front of the bay window watching the snowflakes fall while working on an extra special video series. It’s all about being a true Princess… something our girls know all about. You can look for a new one released each month.

One of the things we try to offer on the blog are stories you can read and videos for your little princess to watch together. This helps the magic of a Princess Party live on in their imaginations. We want Queen Mums and their children to share these things together! If you’re little one loves one of our videos… let us know!

It means so much to hear back from our readers.


Edit March 4, 2013: Here’s the video!

how to be a true princess


Stay warm!

Jennifer Signature

Dress Up Drive


Princess Genevieve at Warrenton's Boys & Girls Club

Princess Genevieve at Warrenton’s Boys & Girls Club

Dressing up has always been our princesses favorite thing to do. Princess Genevieve says the fondest memories of her childhood are held in those long days that never seemed to end that were full of “pretend” and getting lost in a story in her own mind. Whether you have friends over or are playing in your room by yourself, a box of dress up clothes holds endless possibilities!

That’s why in 2009, we began hosting this twice annual event in Northern VA. We do it once, the spring for Easter clothes, and in the Fall for Halloween Costumes (our favorite)! It has since grown and expanded to the New River Valley in VA and inspired many others to start collections of their own.

Why It’s Important

We are firm believers that make-believe is vitally important in a child’s early years. Dress up and pretend are the times when children are able to escape from the reality of the adult world and get lost in their fantasies.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. -Albert Einstein

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. – George Bernard Shaw Read

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. -Mark Twain

The man who has no imagination has no wings. – Muhammad Ali

It would be nice if as adults we did a little more of this ourselves.

Get Involved!

We start our collection for the spring a month before Easter weekend. Fall collection time begins in late September and runs until a week before Halloween. Here’s a few ways that you can get in on the fun.

If you are a Girl Scout troop who wants to get involved contact Jennifer. We are looking for libraries, churches, or businesses who wish to host a drop off box location.

Pirate Princess Clara : NEW CHARACTER ANNOUNCED!

Our quest to reach 500 “Likes” on Facebook is complete- which means we can now release our newest character! We dropped lots of clues all through the Fal last year, and even gave our Christmas card subscribers a sneak peek…

Sooooo…. Without any further ado… its now time for us to introduce you to our newest Princess. She’s a spunky girl with a lot of confidence to back her up.

Meet: Pirate Princess Clara!

Pirate Princess Clara Website130115

Brave Pirate Princess Clara leads the Skylark and tells tales about her visits to many strange and exciting lands learning about many different cultures on our earth. The Skylark sails the seas doing good deeds for the people they meet. In exchange for her and her shipmates’ kindness they have collected many gifts – from all across the world from friends they have made on their travels. Clara believes having “things” isn’t really that important and that the true treasures in life are friends!


We’ve already had several requests for Pirate Princess parties and are sure this will be a favorite among the youngsters. If you need some Pirate Princess Party Ideas head on over to our Pinterest boards and get crafting!

Pirate Princess Pinterest Board

Here is a list of some of Princess Clara’s favorite books so you can keep those little ones reading:

Pirate Princess by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, Jill McElmurry (Illustrator)


Pirate Girl by Cornelia Funke (Author)


We are full of gratitude!

Thank you to all of our friends who helped out by sharing our page throughout the growing period. We couldn’t have done it without you- and that’s for sure. We are continually reminded of the support we have each day by our friends.


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