Derby Day Party

Derby Day came and went almost as fast as the race itself.

What fun we had preparing for the big day. Princess Genevieve and Prince Liam entertained friends with croquet, mint julep cake, sweet tea, corn bread, and cucumber sandwiches.

Lady Liz came over early to help the Princess prepare for their guests. Puppy Prince Oliver had a wonderful time entertaining for the first time (of many) and even joined in on the croquet match.

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How we did it:

Find out how to make those super easy Blue Ribbons in our very own tutorial.

We used two great downloads for our decor:


{FREE PRINTABLES} — Kentucky Derby Printables

I have a hard time not trying to reinvent the wheel every time we throw a party… so this time I decided to just use what someone else had made and it turned out adorable!

table decor kentucky derby day

Oliver and I went searching at the Royal Dollar Store and found some cute little horses and gold cups for the table. We had so many nice comments on the decor.

drink flags kentucky derby party

Would love to see your hats from the day!



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