Earth Day

Here in Azuria we take Earth Day very seriously. To us every day truly is Earth Day.

Did you know that is why Azuria stays hidden away from the modern world? Thousands of years ago we were bequeathed with the sole responsibility to keep the Unicorns from extinction. The reason they were becoming sick and dying off, is because of the growth of greed and industry in today’s modern world. Unicorns can’t live in an environment such as that.

Why? Because they eat the very fragile Four Leaf Clover plant that only can grow if completely safe of these modern ailments. We keep the four leaf clovers safe from industry and pollution where they are healthfully allowed to grow in the Kingdom’s Lucky Clover Fields.

Earth Day here is a huge celebration! All the people in the land gather together at twilight in the L’Etoile Square carrying candles to light the way. All the lights are shut off at 6:30pm and we spend the evening holding hands and singing in beautiful harmony. Everyone brings an item, or photo of, something that naturally came in the shape of a Heart. At the end of the nite we have a big exchange. The rules are you have to explain the meaning behind it and give your heart to someone you’ve never met before! Everyone goes home with a new heart and a new friend.

People get really creative!! Its a highly competitive nite.

Seeing hearts in your very day life is a sign that love is all around you. You are enveloped in love each day of your life. Remember this when you find a heart shaped rock, flower petal or autumn leaf!

Why don’t you do like the Azurians do? Make a pact with your family to turn off the lights, television, iEverything and other electronic games tonite after dinner. Snuggle up together and read to your children by candlelight. Its not so dark when you’re sharing it with loved ones. Plus, it could be just positively romantic!

Do two things today.

  1. One kind thing today for the earth (lights off early, recycle your plastic, take a quick shower).
  2. Something that brings the people of the earth together. Earth Day is truly a family day because we share this beautiful planet together every day. Just think about all the things here that we share with complete strangers!

Have you ever thought about all the things you touch that others touch in one day? The air we breathe, the playground, water at the pool, grocery carts, door handles, plates at a restaurant, bathroom faucets, etc. Instead of being grossed out and thinking about germs, think about the energy that is held in those objects. When you’re shopping for your Easter or Passover list at Wegman’s today, send out love to those public things you touch. Leave for someone else a little bit of your good and positive energy and love.

Be an Earth Angel for someone else today. Its a beautiful world we live in, if you just open your eyes to see all the wonder and magic abound.

I wish you all the love in the world, and lots of hearts, naturally!

Much love.

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This post was originally shared on Earth Day, April 22, 2011.

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  1. Stacy Malkan says:

    Love, love, love the hearts! What an inspiring story, thank you for sharing. Happy Earth Day,

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