Fairy Naming Ceremony

We had a beautiful weekend here in Azuria for the Fairy Naming Ceremony . The sky was a bright azure and the sun was warm. The flower floats crowded people into the streets for the parade and procession into the Ampitheatre where all the people of Azuria attended the annual Fairy Naming Ceremonies. Here is a short list of the fairies named Saturday afternoon.

The complete list is available at the Azurian Library in Cerulean Square.

Princess Féeleia (Fay-le-yah) from the Fairy King Féylyn and Queen Zarria
Cameijla (Ca-mill-ah) from the Earl and Countess Camellia
Daphodile (Daf-o-dill) from the Honorable Narcïssus
Îszam (Is-zam) from the Honorable Îrise
Lijlan (Lee-lin) and Lilija (Lil-lee-yah) from the Honorable
Lily Lælah (Lay-lah) from the Honorable SweetPea

Do you recognize any of the flower names above? They are written in native Azurian, but perhaps you have some of these in your own garden. If you were a fairy, what would you choose as your flower dress? What’s your favorite flower?

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