Give More Joy

Our Facebook theme for December is “give”. Give more Joy!

What? How will I have time for that??

A time when stressors are raging high, the traffic won’t quit, and the days are dark so early what’s meant to be a joyful holiday season becomes overwhelming very quickly… and just as quickly we forget the real reason for this time is to graciously give to others.

Find ways to give more this season.

Here are five suggestions:

  • actually carry some loose change to drop into the red Salvation Army buckets
  • buy an extra pair of gloves and donate it to the local homeless shelter
  • form a group of carolers to sing at a nursing home
  • wear a santa hat to the gym (your gift is a laugh to someone else.)
  • wish warm holiday greetings to those who serve you during the day (your waiter, the clerk at the shopping mall, your taxi driver or mailman…)

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The suggestions above will cost you less and $5 and some are free.  Everyone, especially those with young children, is conscious of budgets during this month, so remember that your “gift” doesn’t have to be a material or financial gift. Money and things eventually disappear. Money is used, things break or are lost. Your time, your smile, your love creates a memory that outlasts any material gift you could ever buy.

Give More Joy.

Get more Joy.


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