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Happy Magical Monday Good Witches!

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the magical ways the trees turn colors, apple harvest, the smell of cinnamon and roasted squash, and falling asleep with the cool crisp air flowing through my open windows. The beauty of this season never ceases to amaze me.

I’m in the peak of planning the Good Witch Ball, which I have hosted every Samhain since what good witch ball invitationfeels like forever.The invitations went out today, and I wanted to extend one to everyone to join us on the 30th of October. It’s the most amazing night of costumes, music, and magic that takes place at the Great Stone Circle in the Woods of Avalon. Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are from Samhain (pronounced sow-when) celebrations.

The first time I hosted the Ball was all the way back in the year 1228, when I was eighteen years old. Oh, now I’m really showing my age! It was that year the Great Fairy Queen, my Grandmother, Ora, which means Light or the Golden One, helped me first organize the ball and shared all the secrets of making it memorable and magical.

puppywood chandelier by canopy designsThe Samhain celebration, which you may know as Halloween, is a very special time for us in Azuria. This is the time of the last harvest of the year and the time where most of the creatures of the Earth begin their time of rest for the winter months.

One of my favorite traditions that we still keep today is lighting and raising the gorgeous woodland chandelier, like the one pictured, high into the treetops as the sun sets on the evening of Samhain. This symbolises lighting the way for a New Year.

Another wonderful, but often forgotten side, of Samhain is the time taken to reflect on the ancestors who came before us. This always makes me sentimental for my sweet Grandmother and other loved ones who are with us in our hearts. To honor those gone, guests of the Good Witch Ball bring an item to add to our Ancestor Heart Stone, which is in the middle of the Great Stone Circle. It may be a photograph, a lit candle, or a special piece of jewelry to remember them by. This is a special way to keep loved ones near while ringing in the New Year at Samhain’s Good Witch Ball.

There is a lot of misunderstanding in the word Witch. Sadly, the Witch’s traditional ways of celebrating Samhain was turned into a dark day long ago. Today people of The World dress in terrifying and ugly costumes to portray the things of nightmares. This was never the way the Witches honored this time of year. Guests of the Good Witch Ball dress in costumes the all Witches have traditionally dressed for this holiday, as what you want to be or bring into your life. This is a time to put on your brightest sparkles and show off the best of you to symbolize the ancient tradition of setting good intentions for the coming year. I hope that your learning about these age old traditions of Samhain might cause you to think about the way you celebrate this season.

With the onset of Thanksgiving and the Yuletide, this begins the time we draw closer to those we love. And a good thing, too! Because it won’t be long until it’s very cold outside. When we make time for our loved ones during the upcoming season, we should remember to joyfully honor those who are no longer with us.

There’s so much more to tell about the Autumn traditions in the Kingdom, but I really must get back to planning for the ball!


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