Homemade Vintage Valentine Garland

Feeling extra creative this Valentine’s Day, I whipped up my own batch of sweet cards. All the sayings, save a few I made up myself, are throw backs to the corny vintage kids Valentines from… oh, I don’t know 1900 and beyond?

I’m no artist. I have an eye for abstract and impressionism, but as for me, I can draw cute things and that’s it. When Christian, one of my college roommates, found me in my room planning for our senior spring break trip to the Bahamas by drawing out my wardrobe for the week (embarrassing…), I was told that I could draw for “Spanish books”. “Like this is a ‘vestir’ and then there’s a drawing of a dress”, he explained. To make these, I came across blank red heart cards in the $.97 craft bin at Walmart and pasted my little drawings onto the hearts. Then I attached each card with red ribbon by a tiny heart I hole punched on the sides to attach the garland.

I hope my mathematical engineer of a Valentine gets a kick out of these.

My personal favorite is, “I’d like to engineer a little romance”. Doesn’t get any cornier than that!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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