Lavender Lemonade Recipe

Since the weather warmed, I’ve been going through phases of herbal flavor obsessions. During the spring and early summer it was Rosemary! I was clipping bunches of the herb from our garden to add flavor to homemade deli sandwiches, fresh salads, and pastas. Which is why I was so enchanted with the refreshing and earthy Rosemary Tea we drank in at the Olive Press Museum in Naxos, Greece this June. –Must remember to ask Nicoletta for the recipe!

As summer steamed on, I became entranced with the lovely and intoxicating flavor of lavender. If you know me, you know I carry around a vial of lavender essential oil in my purse at all times. I adore this scent and the wonderful aroma-therapy benefits and bug-off abilities it offers. I also love getting lost in the lavender fields of Seven Oaks, the lavender farm in Catlett, VA. In addition to sharing their newest precious baby animals (bunnies, goats, etc.), this wonderful setting always serves a refreshing lavender lemonade for guests. Ah, to drink that calming fragrance on a summer Sunday! Since we were traveling and I missed the lavender picking season this year, I decided to make my own.

lavender field

I must admit, my original post, planned for two weeks ago, was thwarted! I made the first batch – and before I could even get a photo of this delightful pale pink beverage, chilled on ice, in our blue Mason Jar glasses with a cute chevron straw, the King of our castle finished the pitcher. Hehe. I was happy he enjoyed it so much!

Here’s the simple recipe. Now on to making lavender everything!

lavender lemonade recipe

What you’ll need: 

Lavender Flowers – at least a Tablespoon (though I personally sprinkle more-more-more.)
3/4 Cup Sugar
One Gallon Water
Five or Six Squeezed Lemons (even Limes, if you like.)

What you’ll do:

Boil water. Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Before water cools, squeeze in lemons and desired amount of lavender flowers. Allow to steep at least five to ten minutes. The water will turn a light pink color. Strain the lavender flowers and lemon pulp (I use the smallest of these wonderful Cuisinart Strainers we received as a wedding present from my cousin.) and allow the mixture to chill for about an hour in the refrigerator.

Serve over ice, in a blue Mason Jar, with a cute chevron straw. ;D


1. As for the amount of sugar, lemons, and lavender to add. The list above is just a suggested amount. I use more or less of this depending on who I am making it for. Some like sweet-sweet and others like tart. I’m probably the worst, and shouldn’t be writing a recipe for sure, as I am a taste as you go kind of kitchen creator. Experiment, and you’ll find what’s best for you.

2. I will warn those who are new to the flavor; this is going to have an earthier taste than you may be accustomed. The same for any herb based drinks. We are so used to smelling lavender in bath salts or Herbes de Provence- so  you might not even like it at first. I read a post about lavender lemonade, where someone described it as tasting like soap! I can understand where they are coming from. So if you’re new to this flavor, try a little lavender at first, and add more to the next batch, as you get used to the taste.

Kick it up a notch:

If you’re hosting an adult summer BBQ add a little Organic Vodka to the full pitcher and stir. I made this when the Queen Mum visited and she loved it!

Let us know how you liked the drink – especially if you’re new to herbal drinks. I hope you will grow to love this soothing flavor as we do.

Happy lemonading!

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