2019 Making Some Noise

It has been some time since a post has been written here, and I’m not sure when I’ll write again, for the last two years my focus has been primarily baby Princess. We’ve been through four moves to different castles and now even a new kingdom! The biggest news I haven’t had time to write about is that my little Royal Family is living one year in the Kingdom of Denmark, per Prince Liam’s official duties. It has been quite an adventurous learning experience!

We arrived in sunny August to Copenhagen and were privileged to spend the recent holiday season here. We were most saddened that we could not manage to share our beloved Princess tree at Gum Drop Square with you this year. We’ve learned so many new traditions to bring back for Christmases still to come. 💗 Winter’s darkness has set in, making it harder to spend time in our beloved outdoors (except when magical Tivoli is open), but we have cozied up together at home in the early evenings.

I often regret not creating new content to post on Facebook and Instagram like in years past, but I realized that it was better for me to put my efforts into my actual life over making noise online. It was so easy to just post someone else’s content (usually an inspirational quote) to keep my business presence visible, but it didn’t feel valuable to me. My new year’s resolutions last year included reducing time on social media. I felt like that would give me the time I needed to actually get things done. It did wonders for my mental space. Facebook itself became too commercial, news heavy, political, judgemental, negative, scary, and sloppy. For me, even being an extrovert, I was overwhelmed by the obligation to connect and seek notifications of replies to my posts.

I’m a little embarrassed to share that, but I have to say making a conscious change to separate from it all has given me more time to: craft, garden extensively last summer, take an herbalist certification course/ make herbal medicines at home, submerge myself into learning homeopathy and create a mommy’s study group, learn to use Procreate on the ipad, practice calligraphy, knit, sew a litte (I didn’t get to keep at this because we moved across the world, but I was taking sewing lessons from Hannah Ballinger, who altered my wedding dress and did hair and makeup on our wedding day), perform in an opera at Renaissance Montessori School, read/listen to books on tape, make at least weekly visits to see my grandmother (thank GOD because she sadly passed away at the end of last month), learn to make awesome soups, write essays on my computer instead of blog posts, read heaps of books to and dance around the house with Baby Princess, pack up my entire house and put it in a shed, purge my belongings, learn to live minimally more than ever before, explore new cities, learn really basics in a very difficult language (have you HEARD Danish?), take my babies to the park, eat like a Viking (I like pickled herring, but not salted licorice), make wonderfully magical new friends and foster long-time friendships by inviting friends over for dinner (I am terrified to cook for people, so this was also a big deal to me), create new family traditions (making æbleskiver for one!), and learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable (examples: we live on the third floor of an apartment in the city- with no elevator…, walking in the rain and wind).

When I sat down to write this, I didn’t know what to say, but I wanted to write anyway. Wow. Now I know why. I needed to take time to personally reflect. Reading all of this gives me a great sense of accomplishment, especially because most of my days include mounds of laundry, making meals, washing dishes and unloading the dishwasher, changing nappies, more laundry, getting on the wrong train, trying not to fall up and down stairs with my toddler in tow, biking in the rain, and struggling to learn how to live in a foreign country. I look back at last year and I’m amazed at myself! This is NOT something I feel day to day, but reflecting back now gives me a great sense of pride where on the day-to-day I just feel very very tired.

Thinking ahead, this year I really want to put my phone away at bedtime instead of gleaning Instagram for ideas and inspiration. Instagram is my social platform of choice, because it is (generally) cheery and beautiful. I have shared lots of our adventures and vulnerabilities on my personal account with a very limited group of friends and have gotten a lot more out of the long distance connections I am able to keep. As a Sagittarius (yes, I LOVE astrology), I am constantly aiming for the next thing. I am a GREAT planner and researcher, but not always the best finisher… Pinterest and Instagram have replaced Martha Stewart (etc) magazines for me and it’s overwhelming how much I want to learn and create when I go searching for ONE tiny thing. Then I get sad because I had so many ideas and I only did ONE.

I am still considering my resolutions for this year. A lot has changed in me since our moved to Denmark, and I haven’t completely digested it all yet. I know I want to include my spirituality in there, including self care. Since having our baby, I have lost a sense of self. I’m starting off this year by doing something I’ve wanted to do for years, and getting certified as a yoga instructor here in Copenhagen. For my health (I haven’t been to yoga regularly since I was pregnant) and because I want to teach in the future. After having such an incredible experience myself, I feel a strong calling to encourage women through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond and this is one of the ways I can support that dream.

Another dream I have is to publish a party planning book here on my website. I have been working on this for about four years (throwing parties for my friends and awkwardly taking pictures of the set up even while they arrive) now but getting time to actually put the pages together escapes me. It’s probably just embarassment and fear that no one would like it. I love throwing parties even though they stress me out. It’s two of my favorite things together: creating a warm environment for my friends and making crafts to decorate!

On Saturday I attended a Danielle LaPorte workshop in Nørrebro at Kafofu. I love Danielle’s book (read it in 2012) and powerfully calming dialogue. This particular worship was focused on creating how you want to FEEL in the year to come- instead of what GOALS you want to accomplish. I have to remember this while I write, because it is so easy to (as I just did above discussing my party theme book idea) get depressed about what we DON’T finish or even start. After the workshop, I now know how I want to feel this year in all parts of my life. FREEDOM. That’s the word I wrote down and meditated on. I want to feel free as I’m biking the babies around the rainy windy Copenhagen, I want to feel free as I do the laundry, as I make our meals. I want to feel free in my yoga classes (it’s HOT yoga and I easily overheat… I’m so intimidated by this course). I want to feel FREE in my heart to create and be me.

How do you want to FEEL? Have you made resolutions for the year? Or had similar experiences with social media yourself? How do you handle making yourself accomplish things?

Even my taking a toddler nap time to write this post is keeping me from doing the things I wanted to do today, but I am so thankful to have reflected on my year in a big picture way.

Thanks for listening to my noise.

Blessings to you in the new year.



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