Pirate Princess Party

ARrgh! Ahoy Captain, the Pirate Party will blow ye down!

pirate princess partiesBrave Pirate Princess Clara leads the Skylark and tells tales about its visits to many strange and exciting lands where she learns about the many different cultures on our earth.

The Skylark sails the seas doing good deeds for the people they meet. In exchange for her and her shipmates’ kindness they have collected many gifts – from all across the world from friends they have made on their travels.

Parties with Clara are energetic and fun-filled. She teaches her favorite pirate jigs, commonly used pirate phrases, how to navigate by sea reading the constellations, and most importantly that having “things” isn’t really that important but that the true treasures in life are friends!

Clara and her crew have collected some perfect Pirate Party ideas during their travels. Use this Pinterest board to plan for your little one’s arrrrrrgh-some birthday. Or walk the plank!
Find Kingdom of Azuria Princess Parties’s board Party: Pirates! on Pinterest.


One of our favorite princess events to date is Pirate Princess Night at Chick-Fil-A (click for Facebook photos). Boys and girls have so much fun pretending to be pirate or princesses and reading pirate tales with Princess Genevieve.

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