Ballerina Princess Violetta

Ballerina Princess Parties Violetta

My mother was one of Princess Genevieve’s ladies in waiting, and I lived with her at the palace as a little girl. I was very lonely because my mother was always with the princess, and I used to roam around the gardens, twirling and dancing among the flowers. I was so lonely, that one day, I ran away. Through the palace gardens, disturbing Princess Genevieve curled up with a book, and out the gate I ran! I kept running until I reached the magical rainbow cliffs, but then I tripped on one of the rocks near the edge. I fell down and cut my knee, and cried until I fell asleep, curled up on the edge of the cliff.

When I woke up, I was surrounded by a circle of beautiful violets! As I sat up, I saw the Azurian flower fairies had been keeping me safe. They gave me amethyst crystals to help make my knee better, and sang to me so I wouldn’t be scared. As the fairies sang, they began to dance. I was so happy to have found new friends that also loved to dance that I got up and joined in with them. We danced and danced, and the birds and butterflies came to join us! The fairies taught me to dance like a ballerina, and I felt so elegant and graceful, almost as if I was flying like they could.  The fairies and I became such good friends that they asked me to become the fairy princess that would represent the flower fairies at Princess Genevieve’s fairy court! Of course I accepted, and we danced our way back to the palace.

fairy princess party

The fairies taught me that the gift of dance needs to be shared with love and friendship to everyone, not kept inside. They said the butterflies had taught them that your inner beauty cannot be hidden inside a cocoon, but needs to be released and take flight, just like a butterfly! So ever since I became their princess, I have been sharing the gift of dance, and the rules of manners and kindness that every princess needs, to anyone that wants to know!

My prince came to me quite unexpectedly. One day as I was dancing with the fairies in the Enchanted Forest, a dark-haired boy stumbled into the dance circle, and fell down! I helped him up, and as he apologized for interrupting, he stopped and asked “Were you dancing just now?” “Why yes of course!” I replied, and he very gracefully bowed and offered me his hand. We danced, and ever since that moment Prince Darian and I have been the best of friends, who would dance together whenever we could. However, I never realized he was meant to be my prince, until one night at a ball. Prince Darian and I were dancing together on the terrace, and as I looked up at him and smiled, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a beautiful necklace with a butterfly on it. He said “It’s as graceful and light as you are” and gave it to me. Then I realized he had been my true love all along, and since then, we’ve been living happily ever after, and I’ve never taken the necklace off!

Favorite color: purple
Favorite crystal: Amethyst
Favorite animal: Butterfly

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