Queen Elise: New Character Coming Soon!

If you follow us on Facebook, you already know we’re working on introducing a new character! Lately we have had SO many party requests for everyone’s favorite frozen ice queen – that we’ve decided we just HAVE to let everyone in on a little Azurian secret and bring this awesome new girl to our cast.

While it’s still too hot for her to come down from her Ice Castle on Mount Fíorghrá, Azuria’s “Queen Elise” agreed to be available for parties this fall! She’s a little shy, and doesn’t like leaving home very often, but we’re elated for her join our cast of princesses.

So what is the costume going to look like? Anyone who knows us knows we don’t like going the easy route on anything. After much research, we’ve decided that instead of using a pre-made costume for Elise, we’re decided to make it our very own. Here’s a sneak peek at how we’re creating her costume (not including the icy cape).

Queen Elise costumeWondering if anyone knows anything about her family…? We’ve heard she has a little sister. I bet you’d like to meet her, too!


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