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Finding the Warmth in Winter

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Winter’s darker days have set in and the darkest day of the year, Winter Solstice on December 22, will be here very soon. The sun dips into it’s darkest place in the sky and the temperatures drop. Celebrations surround this astronomical movement as the sun starts bringing more and more light each day the third day following Solstice. This continues as it moves to it’s position for Summer Solstice June 20, 2016. Many of the worlds’ cultures rejoice the return of the the sun to the other side.

For centuries, the sky’s darkness during this time of year has symbolised man’s ability to rise from life’s challenges. Though you may find yourselves in a time of darkness, remember that you will rise again. The sun always returns. The light inside you always will, too.

What will you do to shine your light brightly during the of dark winter?

Warm Winter Scene

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Do you decorate your home’s windows with warm candle decorations? I love dreaming of what’s going on inside a home with warm light pouring through the windows during a cold winter eve. Maybe there’s a fire aglow warming a loving mommy and daddy reading to their little ones under a Christmas tree decorated with memories they’ve collected together? Do you ever dream the lives inside the homes you pass on your daily commute?

What can you do to shine your light as a beacon for someone else? We never know who may be in need. Those who need love most do not always come in obvious packages.

Light brings warmth to the darkness.

Sending you much warmth and light for the holiday season.

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Azuria Prepares for Upcoming Holiday Season

We’ve got lots going on this December in our kingdom. The princesses are getting out their favorite things to trim the palace’s Christmas tree. Can you believe Thanksgiving is a less than a week away?

Starting next weekend, there’s a different themed holiday ball each Saturday nite through December in Azuria. Read more about Genevieve’s favorite Holiday Traditions: The Snow Ball and The Nite of Sinter Noël.

We’ll be making appearances in your Kingdom, too. Where to find us this season:

December 2-18 Gum Drop Square Come see Santa and see if you can spot our Princess Christmas Tree in his Workshop. You won’t want to miss this extra special Warrenton tradition. Princess Genevieve will be making a surprise appearance at some point in the season.

December 3 Women Of Wonder Christmas Parade Main Street Warrenton 10am


December 10 United Airline’s Fantasy Flight Dulles Airport

Not to mention all the fun private Princess parties and Genevieve’s own Birthday celebration coming next month!