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I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything on Saturday. Kevin said to me it was how a party should be. I hope you enjoyed yourself and I’ve heard nothing but nice things from every parent that was at the party. The most common thing they said was “We heard all about princess Jen for days.” My husband said Tori remembered you from Dance camp. She was so excited that night, I didn’t get her to bed until 10pm! – Jessica U., Bealton, VA

Thank you very much!!  We were extremely happy with the event!  Anna was absolutely perfect, and did an outstanding job with the girls.  Everyone was asking where we found you, so I passed along your contact info for several guests.  Trinity is still talking about her today, like she’ll be showing up to play hahaha. We couldn’t have asked anything more, it was just perfect for her!  Thank you so much for coming, and making this a very memorable birthday for her! – Queen Lisa, Remington, VA 
Thank you very much for your service. Kids loved you…all the parents were really happy that their kids were happy. My husband and family were really happy. I am getting phone calls and e-mail about you, how beautiful you are and perfect princess for the party. I have all positive and great compliments about you. This was my first any party that I organize my own and went well. I am really happy as well.  I saw how everyone wants to take photos with you. I am sure I will do another princess theme party down the road and I know who to call.. Stay smiling. Thank you again. Have a wonderful day! – Queen Dibya

“Thank you, Princess Angelica, for a wonderful and memorable day. The girls were elated when you came through the door. You managed 15 four/five-year-olds and created a wonderful atmosphere of enchantment. After the “royal coach” departed they were still enthralled by the magical stories of Azuria” – Sarah N., Fairfax, VA

“We hired the pirate princess for my 7 year old’s pirate princess birthday party. I was nervous about the boys being into the party, since it had princess in the theme… but Pirate Princess Clara totally wowed the girls AND boys with her tales of sailing the seas. Love the educational aspect you throw in there. Elle’s little brother keeps asking about Italy, now since Pirate Clara mentioned eating pizza with the King of Italy. What a FUN and different party! Thanks again.” – Julie M., Arlington, VA

Today was a HUGE hit with all the kids!  Thanks so much for letting the princess come read to the kids.  I slipped cards into the folders of the girls in my class.  I’m sure all of the kids went home and told their parents about it.  We even had some of the 5th grade patrol boys coming by because they heard a princess was there.  😀 – Anita J.  

“I love how you empower young people to embrace the gifts God breathed into their very being. The joy of finding and embracing what make each us completely unique is amazing! You are a blessing to so many. Oh, and by the way, you warm my heart”. – Shelley C, The Plains, VA

“I was so impressed with you and the way you entertained our little princesses. They eyes lit up and so did mine when you came into the room and surprised all of us. I felt like I was back in Disney”! – Liz C., Gainesville, VA

“Princess Violetta, Thank you so much for the wonderful ballerina party! Our little twinkle toes is telling everyone… anyone who will listen… she’s a Ballerina Princess.” – Marianne, Arlington, VA

“Princess Genevieve is the ultimate in a character study.  When I first contacted her about doing my daughter’s birthday party, she actually responded to me “Dear Queen Kristina”.  No joke.  She does the Disney Princess giggle, comes dressed in a ball gown, and has an entire kingdom, complete with a map, a flag, and a crest.

I would imagine that the Pied Piper couldn’t possibly have gotten a more instantaneous reaction when asking children to rise.  The girls all stood up and started slowly moving to “Happy Birthday Princess”.  Slowly, one by one, they got comfortable as Princess Genevieve twirled them around the room, and by the end of another song, they were all dancing in a circle to Genevieve’s directions.

After that, Princess Genevieve helped with the singing of Happy Birthday and the cake cutting, and without missing a beat, placed herself on the floor among the happiest little girls I have ever seen in my life to talk with them while they enjoyed their refreshments.  Kind, happy, and amazingly understanding of the preschool dialect of English that usually only mothers are fluent in, Princess Genevieve talked with the girls while they munched happily and asked her questions.  She even encouraged them to say “please” and “thank you”, which instantly won her brownie points with me! – Kristina K, Woodbridge, VA Read her full review on


“WOW!… This is a great site!” -Fredericksburg Parent and Family 

“My daughter had a great time at this party.. now all my daughters are asking if we can get Princess Genevieve for their bday parties” – Nikki F, Catlett, VA

“This is the real deal. If your daughter is into Disney princesses but hasn’t heard the stories of Azuria yet… you NEED this in your life.” – Priya N., Sterling, VA

“I just wanted to thank you so much for making Audrey’s party so special today.  All the girls had a wonderful time and I know Audrey will remember always having Princess Genevieve at her 5th birthday party (she’s been talking nonstop about it since!).  You really are the perfect princess and were so good with the girls.  I loved the games you played with them and how interactive and creative you made the party.  It was truly a magical day”. -Melinda E., Centreville, VA

 From the scheduling of the party to the follow up afterwards, Jennifer and Angelica were professional, engaging, and an absolute delight.  Princess Angelica kept the attention of a room full of princesses (and a pirate and fireman) with her stories, songs, dancing, and games.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the entire experience.  I would recommend the princesses without a moment’s hesitation to everyone.  On our daughter’s fourth birthday, there was pure joy in our house, all thanks to Princess Angelica. – Jen Walker, Warrenton, VA

{Jennifer is} awesome. We had my daughter’s party two years ago at a performance of The Princess and the Pea and she held a pre-show “party” for all of the little Princesses. I highly recommend her! – Rebecca L, Manassas

“Thank you for the Christmas card! Laine was elated!” – Michele C., Warrenton, VA

“Chick-fil-A of Warrenton hired Princess Genevieve for a Princess/Pirate Party. We truly were pleased with the results. Our guests had a wonderful time and lots of participation from them. Princess Genevieve is professional and was a delight to all that night. We look forward to having the Princess return.” – Stephanie Kennedy, Marketing Director at Chick-fil-A of Warrenton

“Thanks again “Genevieve” Kate loved having a real princess at her party! Hope to see you this Sat @ Borders”! – Jodi S., Warrenton, VA

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“Jennifer is the very definition of “professional” in all aspects of her very busy life. Her entrepreneurial spirit combined with her talent, passion and kindness places her in a class by herself. Above all, and I can’t say this about many people, Jen is as “authentic” an individual as I have ever met. When someone invented the phrase, “a breath of fresh air,” they clearly knew Jen was around the corner waiting to make her entrance.” Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.- Randy J President and Founder of MindZoo. Hired Jennifer as a Performer in 2009.

“Thanks so much for a great time! Our daughter really had a great time”! – Jacki D., Middleburg, VA

“Jen has the ability to turn ordinary theater into magic as her musical voice, and sweet demeanor come shining through. And while Jen’s talent creates a wonderful “Princess” experience for her audiences, her professionalism more than meets the expectations of her clients”. – Meredith M, Director, Run, Rabbit, Run Productions, Inc., Purcellville, VA

“I have known Jen for several years. She is exceeedingly competent, energetic, and immensely creative. She would be a welcome addition to any firm. Jen possesses a whole host of skills and will see any project through with amazing results”. – Mike B, President, National Arts Television, Inc., Washington, DC

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“Jen is a beautiful, hard-working, and dedicated performer. She is a true artist, gracing several different arts with her presence, talent, and above all else, skill. Jen is purely a joy to be around, and her presence never fails to light up a room. Goodhearted and kind, she is an asset to anyone lucky enough to collaborate with her”. -Melissa K, Vice President and CFO , Velifer Professional Services LLC., Landsdowne, VA

“I was shocked after story time with Princess Genevieve. I have never seen my 3 year old sit still for so long”! – overheard Mom from story time.

“What a special treat! My daughter was turning 4 and she loved that a “very real princess” had called her to talk about her birthday plans. She was glowing for 3 days about her princess call. I added a little details by adding our plans in the comments. They talked about her brothers and her birthday party plans. She loved it!!! I have told all of my friends. My friends and I thought this would be a great reward for a potting training encouragement”. – Tonya