Here on the blog, we’re starting a new annual tradition marking Baby Princess’ second Christmas! Each year we’ll share some great ideas for simple Christmas gifts. None of these toys will be flashy or noise making because our baby princess is frightened by them. You’ll find simple toys with simple colors, geared to learning and though they may be an investment now, will grow with her cognitive development.

Click the photos below for the product link and happy gifting! I’ve included a brief description of why I think these gifts are valuable.

Toddler Gift Guide Toys

Play Kitchen: Though Baby Princess is not yet standing, this will come into play by summer, so I want to go ahead and get it for her. Then for other events she can be gifted items to go into her refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, etc. We live a Montessori inspired homelife and this will be great for her to practice her kitchen skills when we’re not cooking together. 

Musical Instruments: Our family is really into music and this lovely glockenspiel will let the baby Princess play along to her heart’s delight. I look for items where the child is an active participant in play.

Play silks can be used for anything! A cape? A head scarf? A rainstorm! The possibilities are endless and these scarves are beautiful. You could also make your own scarves from remnants at your local fabric store. You can get creative with different textures and colors of fabric.

This will fit well in the above kitchen and she can use it to help mommy clean. Maria Montessori would be proud. I have found many of the supplies (sponge, empty spray bottles, brushes, etc.) in this set at the dollar store and the items are more realistic… however, everyone knows to not give children real cleaning supplies.

These magnetic letters are great because they can be used for different skills and play as babies grow. Whether from basic magnets on a fridge play, to color sorting, and finally to word creation, it’s a toy that will grow with your child! I’m am still looking for a set that has the vowel and consonants colored as in the Montessori alphabet.

Melissa and Doug’s pots and pans, food for the kitchen, and clean up set can be purchased individually or here as a set. Hours of fun and home learning will ensue from this gift!

Plush Knight: Great to accompany children’s stories and for play for both boys and girls! Could be The Princess Knight, King Arthur, or Joan of Arc. Princesses are easy to find in toy shops, but a knight is a rare find. Plus, this is just adorable!

Books & Music Gifting Guide

I love this series of books because of their musical and historical themes. Plus the illustrations are clever and beautiful.

Sweet and simple. This album accompanies Barker’s BEAUTIFUL book! I had made up my own silly melodies for the poems in the Fairy book, but when I found this lovely cd through a Waldorf Mom Facebook Group, I couldn’t resist. It’s so charming and will surely be a memorable addition to your family’s music library.

The illustrations are beautiful. We saw this for sale at the Warner Theatre last year after the Washington Ballet’s Nutcracker. I am a ballet lover and I can’t wait to share these with my little one.

Teagan White! She is a precious illustrator. Gentle and thoughtful artist. We also have Counting with Barefoot Critters and highly recommend it for the rhymes and the pictures. I want to frame every page and hang on the wall!


Remember to keep it simple! Kids love to help you clean and cook. They love to bang the pots on the floor while you make supper. The less we subscribe to the idea that kids need stuff… the less they will and they will enjoy the simplicity of their childhood with their imaginations running wild.

Last year, I surprised her with a beautiful Unicorn rocker from PotteryBarn Kids… but she was only one month old! Still… I didn’t know how long they would be offering a unicorn, so it was a necessary purchase. You should have seen the look on Prince Liam’s face when this HUGE box arrived at the palace door…

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