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We’re feeling generous so we’ve made you a free Christmas download- since this month on our Facebook page we’re talking about generosity and encouraging the world to be more giving. I saw this precious rhyme on First in Fun’s awesome blog and just knew our readers would gobble it up– so we made our own. To me it reads like a magic spell!

reindeer food

reindeer food free download from

Wouldn’t it make it even more magical if the ground was covered in snow? Here’s the full poem.

Magic Reindeer Food
Santa’s reindeer come once a year
And sometimes the night isn’t very clear
So help the reindeer find their way
To your house with Santa’s sleigh.

Sprinkle this liberally on the lawn
The reindeer will be there before the next dawn.
They’ll smell the food and see crystals shine
And hurry fast to see what they will find.

But they’ll only come when you’re in bed.
So spread the food and lay down your head.
On Christmas morn, the results you’ll see
When Santa’s gifts are under the tree!

First in Fun suggests this recipe. Though I would add glitter (obviously) include the usual carrots and apple near Santa’s cookies near the hearth inside!.

Give each student a sandwich bag.  Have students put in a scoop of oatmeal and sprinkle green and red sugar sprinkles (cake decorating aisle) into the bag.  Then attach the poem.

This is perfect if you’re a classroom teacher or a parent looking to add some extra magic on Christmas Eve and hoping to start a new family tradition!

Here’s the Free Download.

Reindeer Food from

Read about other Christmas traditions in Azuria and download this year’s free Christmas coloring page for your family.

Enjoy and have a Magical Christmas! Let me know if you like the download and especially if you spot any reindeer.

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