Oktobrefest in Azuria

This weekend is Oktobrefest in the Kingdom. The leaves have turned a rainbow of oranges, reds, and yellows and are beginning to fall. Autumn is my favorite time of year and celebrating with all my friends is so fun! This weekend we will the annual a pumpkin carving contest. People from all over the Kingdom will come to the capital city and show off their autumnal designs! If everyone brings just one, there will be over 35,000 pumpkins lined up on scaffolding throughout the city.

The flower fairies act as the judges, because of their size (it’d be near impossible for the tiny fairies to cart their pumpkins all the way from the Enchanted Forest!) and they can fly around the city quickly to get all the submissions graded.  Saturday nite, all the pumpkins are lit and there is a procession of costumes through the main streets of the city.

During the day Friday through Sunday, people dress in traditional Azurian clothes (Here’s a photo of me in my green and purple dirndl in the palace gardens) and attend the Oktobrefest Garten, a craft faire, games for the children, a jousting match, tents full of yummy treats and the traditional Azurian biere, “Honeysuckle Ale” brewed by the dwarves of famous Azlodael Tavern, from our national flower. The dwarves have been known to get a bit rowdy during this annual event. You know how dwarves can be…

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