Princess Noelle

The beautiful Kingdom of Azuria has always been my home. Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite place to be in the Kingdom is the enchanting Clover Fields and the Rainbow Cliffs. Since these charming places have such lush, warm climates they are perfect for the magnificent butterflies the flit and fly throughout the Kingdom.

One day while reading in the middle of the clover fields this magical butterfly landed right upon the pages of my book. Unlike many of the other butterflies I have ever seen, as this one fluttered its wings and began to slowly fly away, I followed. As I frolicked after this amazing butterfly it led me into a new part of the Clover Fields that I had never seen and butterflies were everywhere! They flit and flew all around me! They were green, red, yellow, and blue and sparkled in the sun. With the wings flutter and speaking wonders, my love for butterflies had just begun. The butterflies of all colors, shapes, and sizes, became my dearest friends since they always kept my dearest secrets, especially the one of my dear prince charming.

The story of meeting Prince Matthew is one I hold dear to my heart and brings me quite a smile and chuckle. One day while strolling along Crystal beach and collecting shells, I heard these deep frog like sounds. As I searched and searched, I came up empty handed NO frogs! But as I strolled farther down the beach, I saw a young prince sitting on a large rock with an enormous instrument! When I realized what was making such a funny sound, I laughed and laughed. As I walked up to him and told him that his playing was quiet lovely, his laugh, his voice, and our conversation was just captivating! From that moment Prince Matthew has been my true love.

Although playing with the butterflies is one of my favorite past times, I also adore dancing at every ball the Kingdom holds! Since reading has brought me to my love of butterflies, my love of books has given me a passion for reading. Knowledge and learning are never ending and I am eager to learn about all the Kingdoms around the world. My life as a Princess is enchanting and I’m never without imagination, joy and lifelong friendships. My wish for you is that your life as a Princess will bring you the same and so much more so “Always remember that any young girl can be a princess as long as she believes!”

Favorite Color: Coral
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Flower: Daisy

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